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Danger of Microplastics

Microplastics, the invisible danger to humans.. How is it invisible you ask? No one knows the harmful effects of this material because it is so common in our everyday life that people only think that it’s harmful to our oceans, coral reefs and our wildlife. Did you know you ingest a credit card worth of microplastics a week and about 75,000 particles a year? Microplastics are in the air, in our oceans, they come off of our clothes, they are in the water we drink. For those of you who have never heard of microplastics, these pesky pieces of plastic originate from a range of sources, including from bigger plastic debris that breaks down into smaller and smaller bits. Microbeads are a kind of microplastic that are very small pieces of manufactured polyethylene plastic added to health and beauty products as exfoliants. These miniscule particles readily move through water filtration systems and wind up in the oceans, lakes and other bodies of water.Microplastics are found in bottled water, beer, honey and mussels, I’m sure that you are bound to ingest at least one of those things on a regular basis. I’ve done research on the most common chemicals used to make plastics and the health issues associated with these chemicals. Even if you don’t often use plastics, these microplastics are making their way into your everyday life. These chemicals are linked to harmful health effects, including various cancers, a weakened immune system, reproductive problems and more. Once these chemicals are inside of us, even low doses may have an effect. Want to hear more about microplastics and how they affect your health? Follow Clean World Movement and stay tuned for more info on this invisible danger and how you can decrease your risk of exposure and live a healthy happy lifestyle. Always remember there is no planet B - S

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