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The things people don't talk about, part 2: Eco Guilt

Eco guilt, yes it's a thing. I have first hand experienced this many many times, most of the time it doesn't go away. When you first start looking in to the environmentally friendly platform you see these beautiful aesthetic photos of a pantry with glass jars and labels and backpacks filled with zero waste swaps. It's exciting and it's new and you just want to change every single aspect of your life when you realize that the majority of the things you use every day are almost always disposable. I dream to have that pantry, that backpack on hand with everything you need constantly with you. But in reality, I am NOT that organized. I forget my reusable grocery bags and sometimes I walk out of the store with HANDFULS of stuff because I don't want that pesky plastic bag that will end up in a turtles stomach eventually. Or when a waitress/waiter puts the straw in your cup before hand and it makes you squirm. This is all a part of the journey, but don't kill yourself trying to make your life a pinterest post all at once. Many people don't have time to make their own nut milk or don't want to let go of things they use in their daily routine, and that is perfectly okay. I challenge you to pick one thing to cut out your waste, just one thing unless you want to try for more. Whether it's a bamboo toothbrush when you're in need of a new one, skipping the bag when you have two items at the store, or even bringing a bottle from home instead of using a plastic one. It all starts with you, we all feel that need and desire to help the planet in some way, but it doesn't have to be a drastic change to feel like you're making a huge difference. Every little thing helps, it's not our fault that Leo Baekeland decided to invent plastic and now it's in our ocean and quite literally choking out our wild and ocean life. It's in close to everything we buy, and I know that in the area I live in I have one very tiny bulk store and it it's high priced and there aren't very many options. The town I live in doesn't even have recycling! So you have to make the most of what you have and the resources that are offered in your area. So when that eco-guilt creeps into your mind remember, you are doing the best you can.

Always remember, there is No Planet B - S

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