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     Recycling is one of the most successful solutions to reducing waste. However, according to National Geographic, plastic takes 400 years to degrade, so most still exists in some form. Only 9% of plastic has actually been incinerated. Of the 8.3 billion metric tons that has been produced, 750 million metric tons has become plastic waste. Of that, only nine percent has been recycled, leaving 91% unrecycled. The vast majority—79 percent—is accumulating in landfills or in the natural environment as litter. Meaning: at some point, much of it ends up in the oceans, the final sink. The oceans end up with 8 million metric tons of plastic annually. 


     With the donations and proceeds from concerts and events Clean World Movement plans to invest 5 million in creating a recycling plant in central Florida. Clean World Movement is located in Citrus country and surrounded by Pasco and Hernando counties. None of these 3 counties have a state of the art recycling plant or plan like we are planning due to budgetary restraints. This is not uncommon, as the facts above show how little plastic waste is actually being recycled. In creating this state of the art facility, we would be able to recycle waste from counties in our area as well as others wanting to learn from us or ship their waste to us. 

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