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Introducing the Clean World Movement Seed Ball Campaign

Clean World Movement (CWM) will be sending out our Seed Balls to highlight the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.


What are Seed Balls?

    Seed Balls are small spheres with seeds inside. They are usually made from a clay and compost mixture. The seeds are then added and rolled into the ball shape to dry. The compost provides nutrients, and the clay or other hardening substances protect the seeds until they are ready to germinate. This technology has been utilized by humans for thousands of years and re-popularized in our own times by Japanese microbiologist, philosopher, and Natural Farming proponent Masanobu Fukuoka in 1938.

    Fukuoka recommended using seed balls in order to plant crops over a large area of land without having to previously disturb the land, using what he called ‘No-Till’ farming. Fukuoka seems to have had great success with this method on his own farm in Shikoku, Japan, and his methods continue to serve as an inspiration to many.

    Using native wildflowers and pollinator preferred species, we can not only make our roadsides and backyards more beautiful, but more environmentally beneficial. Increasing native flora reduces carbon in the soil and air, and also promotes population growth for those species who have direct interaction.

CWM's Seed Balls are made up with everything a seed will need to grow.  All you have to do is toss them onto the earth and they will grow from there- making you the modern day Johnny Appleseed


Imagine millions of Seed Balls being released worldwide!



Letting the world know you care, and we will make a difference.


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